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Advertising in the forum.
  1. After first post in each topic.
    • Price: 40$.
    • For one week.
    • Image: width from 728px to 900px. Height maximum 90px (can be lower).
    • Text advertisement is also supported.

  2. After all posts in each topic.
    • Price: 20$.
    • For one week.
    • Only text advertisement.
    • The advertisement is under "quick reply" area which a lot people use and it's easy to see.

  3. In the footer.
    • Price: 10$.
    • For one week.
    • Only text advertisement.
    • The advertisement is in the footer in whole forum.

Advertising in the program.
  1. Add your forum or blog to themaPoster build-in forums.
    • Price: 40$.
    • For lifetime.
    • All themaPoster users can see your website and use it to post new content.
    • Website might be removed only if it's offline (dead) for more than 3 months.

  2. Get advertisement for your website or product at the top in the program.
    • Price: 50$.
    • For one week.
    • Advertisement is shown at the very top with custom phrase / slogan.
    • Text in HTML is supported.
    • Image is also supported. The maximum height is 20px.
    • All themaPoster users can see your advertisement.
    • Rotating advertisement. Each is shown for 15 seconds.


Buy advertising.

Contact via email themaPoster@freddy.lt for agreement and payment details.

Supported payment methods:
PayPal WebMoney BitCoin LiteCoin Skrill Paxum Perfect Money