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  • Added ability in "TOPICS" -> "Manage" -> Change user rank for selected topics.
  • Added new right click options for "FORUMS" -> "Remove forum proxy".
  • Improved so that you could add proxy for multiple selected forums at once.
  • Improved to check for duplicate topics only in needed group when importing from .txt file.
  • Improved finding topic IDs when smart login is disabled.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new option in "Forums" -> "Other settings" -> "Disable smart login". For problematic forums which don't like smart login.
  • Fixed important saving problem.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed myBB type login issue for some forums.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added special search and filter keyword "AND". Must written all upper-case. For example text1 AND text2, will filter everything what matches text1 and text2. Can be mixed with OR and NOT keywords as well.
  • Improved "subject characters limit" to account for three dots which are added at the end of subject (it was working incorrectly, subject was +3 characters longer than the limit).
  • Improved to save active statuses more frequently to avoid loss after unexpected closing.
  • Fixed forum daily posts limit working incorrectly after restart.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" -> "Use subject for description".
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Links tag" -> "Skip posting if message has no hosts". Posting is skipped if message has no hosts which are added to hosts list.
  • Fixed some posting problems with IP Board 4.x.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option under "Settings" menu (at the top) to "Setup PIN". If PIN code is set you will be asked to enter it on start-up and when changing setting to "Hide passwords". PIN code is not recoverable. If you forget it you will loose all your settings.
  • Added option in "FORUMS" -> "Manage" -> "Import topics from txt file". Txt file must have URLs of topics (the most useful when URLs are of different forums with the same topic).
  • Improved to actually hide password in field when setting to hide passwords is enabled.
  • Improved to allow for banned words to have a space at the end or start (for better matching).
  • Fixed some more XenForo issues.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added "Layout" setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other" wiht two options "New layout" or "Old layout". You can now use old layout with new themes. If you had old theme chosen in 4.00 the layout will be automatically set to "Old layout" and theme changed to "Light" since there is no point now to use old theme (new themes support old layout). If you really want to change to old theme you can still do it.
  • Added support for XenForo two-step login.
  • Added options when un-pausing schedule tasks which are in the past what to do with them.
  • Improved some sizing issues.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • New look with two themes: Light and Dark. Dark theme is only available for larger than 1400x800 resolutions because of larger sizing. You can still choose "Old Look" in settings for now just in case.
  • Added spintax support for tags.
  • Improved "Save as topic" option to find IDs better.
  • Fixed conversion to HTML freeze issue in rare cases.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added ability to add banned hosts for specific topics. Topics with banned hosts added will be shown with light blue background.
  • Added new auto-captcha service "CheapCaptcha".
  • Added "clear finished tasks" button for schedule table.
  • Improved to remember if main window was maximized or not before closing.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed subject replacements to be applied after adding prefix tag (if was needed).
  • Fixed prefix support for IP Board 4.x type.
  • Fixed "reset daily post limit" action to affect daily topic post limit.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option for Wordpress in "FORUMS" -> "Other settings" -> "Post as draft".
  • Added setting under "Message" menu (at the top) -> "Use proxy for loading images in preview".
  • Improved in message preview when clicking on URL to open in browser handling spaces correctly in case host forgets to encode them.
  • Improved (increase) file dialogs default size a bit to make more practical.
  • Fixed new ReCaptcha in some rare cases not trying to solve with auto-captcha service.
  • Fixed table column sorting by date when default date format is changed.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed important problem.


  • Added auto prefixes finder.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed some freezing issues.
  • Fixed when restoring deleted build-in forum to properly show it without restart.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • 64-bit build with all 64-bit benefits.
  • Improved when copying license key to include short program name "TP" at the start (just easier and people won't forget that).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new ReCaptcha support via Anti-Captcha, DeathByCaptcha, RipCaptcha services.
  • Added edit option from messages preview window (for posts list and schedule).
  • Added ability to set user rank for templates (in "Templates finder" and "Templates editor"). In "Templates finder" user rank column is only visible if you have more than 1 user added to forum.
  • Added dally post limit for topics (in topics editor).
  • Added automatic flag detection based on language. Setting in "CONFIG" -> "Flags". Disabled by default. When enabled uses 75MB more RAM.
  • Added special search and filter keyword "OR". Must written all uppercase. For example text1 OR text2, will filter everything what matches text1 or text2.
  • Added footnotes management in "CONFIG" -> "Footnotes". If you already had general footnote set in "General posting" settings it's moved automatically to new section and enabled as general footnote.
  • Added footnotes per forum in "FORUMS" -> "Notes" -> "Footnote". You can setup needed footnotes in "CONFIG" -> "Footnotes" and later use them for specific forums and users if needed.
  • Added "Copy URL" right click option for templates.
  • Added "information line" to status tables to show how many statuses are selected.
  • Added "Donate" option in "About" menu.
  • Added 1 new build-in forum.
  • Improved to remember main tables sorting order if it was changed by clicking on column.
  • Improved that when daily forum post limit is reached status is moved to schedule where it belongs. That way process is free and you can still post with different user which was not possible before.
  • Updated main internal component which should give better performance and better memory management.
  • Fixed SSL (https) problems.
  • Fixed "img" tag limit setting when automatically surround with "img" tag option is enabled.
  • Fixed image sizes in preview window.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new button in "FORUMS" -> "Manage" -> "Add template to selected emails". Since emails only need a dummy template which can be added to all at once.
  • Added "decrease" option in shift time for schedule.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed login problem for SMF type.
  • Fixed replacements not being applied to footnote.
  • Fixed templates finder window freeze on "Esc" key.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed one important bug left in 2.61.


  • Added confirmation dialog when pressing "Post selected" in posts list. "Ask for confirmations" can be disabled in "Settings" (at the top) if not needed.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed some type detecting problems.
  • Improved images preview loading in preview window.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added support for new type "PHPost".
  • Added button in "FORUMS" -> "Manage" -> "Posted subjects history".
  • Added special search and filter keyword "NOT". Must written at the start all uppercase. Will filter everything not containing words after it.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed postimg.org images not showing in preview.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added basic way to provide custom fields if needed. The format should be <param=name=value>. For example: . Can be written anywhere in message text.
  • Fixed important freezing on start-up problem.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed important problem.


  • Added options "Cancel all" / "Pause all" when starting the program and found old schedule tasks.
  • Added "Shift time" button in schedule tab.
  • Improved to automatically find topic ID from URL with post ID for vBulletin 3.x / 4.x type.
  • Improved checking domain changes in the background.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option in interval posting window "Don't add up random seconds from previous post".
  • Added replacements for tags.
  • Improved for posts list table to remember the state of "Rank" column (visible or hidden).
  • Fixed some rare URLs validating issues.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added forums search and filter support for custom name.
  • Added prefix column in "Posts list" table (hidden by default).
  • Added "Remove forums from post" button in "Posts list".
  • Added new option to "use [hide] with [url] for [links]".
  • Added "Generate tags from subject automatically." setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting".
  • Fixed updating forum categories.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed some message preview problems which had nested BBCode.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added post limit field in "Topics editor". More information: in forum.
  • Added new right click option for "FORUMS" -> "Send to themaManager". If one website is selected the first user information will be entered in themaManager user fields.
  • Improved receiving users from themaRegister. When website is not added it will add it automatically instead of showing error.
  • Improved internal syncing stuff to better detect which program needs to be running.
  • Improved images preview loading. Will load now faster without small GUI freeze.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new shortcut "ALT + R" to press "Clear message" button.
  • Added setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other settings" -> "Directory posting: Add posts to the posts list and not send them immediately." Overrides global setting for specific forum(s) if needed.
  • Improved font size handling in few places.
  • Fixed some conversion to HTML problems (list tag had non-needed "br" tags, "youtube" tag did not support short Youtube URLs).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added more users ranks up to 30.
  • Added warning when adding website that you might have wrong main URL if it redirects to different URL and suggestion to change it to correct one.
  • Improved option in "CONFIG" -> "Other" -> "Check for domain changes". It will now check for scheme changes as well (http -> https or https -> http).
  • Optimized icons to save some memory (RAM).
  • Fixed updating list issue when removing forum category.
  • Fixed image preview when image URL is redirecting to different URL.
  • Fixed some lower screen resolutions problems.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new shortcut "ALT + T" to press "Templates finder" button.
  • Added new field in "Interval posting" window: "posts per day". Similarly to "time period in hours" it will adjust automatically based on interval or you can enter needed value and click "Adjust" button to automatically calculate the interval.
  • Improved choosing group / section dialog in various places.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new button for searching in message text for posts list / schedule.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Directory posting" -> "Randomize all gathered files".
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new right click options for "FORUMS" -> "Mark with color" and "Remove marked color".
  • Added new right click option in "Topics editor" -> "Send to themaManager". Topics IDs will be sent to themaManager "Topic fetch" tab.
  • Added new option when pressing "Register" button to send those forums URLs to themaRegister or open register page in browser (was always default before).
  • Added new right click option for "FORUMS" -> "Send to themaRegister" as well.
  • Added ability to receive users from themaRegister.
  • Added new right click option for "FORUMS" -> "Set custom name" for rare needed cases. By default it will show domain name as explained below.
  • Improved posts list and schedule for search filter to search in "Areas" as well.
  • Improved when copying status URL from "STATUS" -> "OTHER" table it would copy main website URL (was warning before that status didn't have an URL).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed few topic ID finding problems.
  • Removed name field from forums. Confusing. One less field to worry about. Will show domain name as already was by default years ago and it's the same in all other thema programs as well. You can still set custom name if really needed with right click option on forums list.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option "Don't post at home" for DleBlog templates (visible in "Templates editor"). Might be useful if only needed for specific sections. Global option for whole blog still exists in FORUMS. -> "Other settings".
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed "tags" field for xenForo type.
  • Moved option "Skip posting if message contains banned host" from "FORUMS" -> "Other settings" to "FORUMS" -> "Banned hosts". Related to banned hosts.
  • Removed ability to manually add / update random questions. There is no point in that and only causes problems. All answers are saved automatically when needed. Questions can as well have some hidden HTML, so adding manually won't work at all. Just answer the random question when asked by the program. If accidentally saved wrong answer then remove the question and program will ask it again when needed. Also saves some RAM.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added "Banned words" for forums. Posts with banned words are skipped.
  • Added font size setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other". Default is 0 which means calculate automatically. The automatic is a bit different than before (see the improvement below).
  • Added "Website" column in auto-captcha errors table.
  • Improved random questions handling.
  • Improved how default font size is set. If screen resolution is 4K or higher font size 14 will be used (+2 than before), if 1080p up to 4K - 13 (+1 than before), if lower than 1080p - 12 (same as always).
  • Improved for SMF, myBB types when adding topic URL which doesn't have ID in it to try to visit URL and find the ID in HTML source.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added support for ReCaptcha 2 (where you need to select few images out of bunch - usually 9). Not many forums use it. Automatically can be solved only by Anti-Captcha (AntiGate). If not using you will need to manually enter numbers of images which display what's asked. Image numbers can be separated by comma / dot or not separated at all.
  • Added new right click option on text fields / areas "Open in browser". Opens the selected text in browser. If selected text is or has URL - opens URL. If selected text doesn't have URL - opens Google search with that text. Selected text can have multiple URLs if needed (each URL will be opened). Can also have BBCode tags around URL(s), BBCode will be ignored.
  • Added new right click option on text fields / areas "Copy URL". Does pretty much the same as "Open in browser" just copies URL(s).
  • Added new shortcut for text areas "CTRL + mouse wheel" to zoom (change font size).
  • Added new table below captchas table for common auto-captcha errors. Such as "zero balance", "no slot available", etc.
  • Improved how error / success files are created to correct paths (css, images) if needed so that when opened in browser it would look better (easier to see what you're looking for).
  • Fixed some rare characters being incorrectly displayed in preview windows.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added special element <categories> for Wordpress / DLE blog to provide multiple categories for post if needed. More details: in forum.
  • Fixed small replacements adding bug when replacement had spaces at the start or end.
  • Fixed some incorrectly displayed Spanish language letters.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new right click option for topics editor list "Copy URL" and "Open in browser".
  • Added new right click option for status tables "Change category" (for forums).
  • Added user rank option for topics (in topics editor). Only useful if you use multiple users per forum. Rank set for topic will always be used when replying (ignoring the rank chosen for post) to avoid replying with wrong user. Default is 0 which means no rank is set and use the rank from post. If set the rank number will appear next to the topic title.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Directory posting" -> "Process folders in random order".
  • Added new right click option for topics and forums list "Copy URL".
  • Added "Captcha Sniper" support. More information: in forum.
  • Fixed images preview loading which had non-English characters in URL.
  • Fixed topic ID parsing from URL in some cases.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added right click options for prefixes table to change multiple items at once: "Set prefix ID", "Set icon ID", "Clear".
  • Added 1 new build-in forum.
  • Fixed directory posting setting "Grab one file from each folder at a time". It was grabbing only one file overall (not from each folder).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed time choosing bug inside "interval posting window".
  • Fixed ReCaptcha to work without Google account saved (it still shows better / easier to read images with Google account saved).
  • Improved so that last selected category will be remembered and selected after restart in "FORUMS".
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added quick preview for main message area (ALT+X).
  • Added few new quick time chooser buttons in time chooser dialog: +1 day, +5 minutes and +custom minutes.
  • Added setting "Skip post if user has private message in the forum." for individual forums in "FORUMS" -> "Other settings".
  • Improved topics editor to support more patterns when parsing from URL. More information: in forum.
  • Improved images displaying inside preview areas. Noticed that sometimes they are not fully shown.
  • Improved / fixed save to .txt file dialogs to automatically add .txt extension if wasn't entered.
  • Improved "Other settings" in "FORUMS" tab to show type specific settings only when that type is selected. Like settings only for DLE blog, Wordpress, phpBB 3.x, Discuz which were always visible even when selected type was different and had no effect.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed sending email when convert message to HTML setting is enabled.
  • Fixed updating user problem when users were added via "Forums" -> "Add user to selected forums". More information: in forum.
  • Removed from message preview window buttons to change background / text / links color. Pointless, just takes up space and memory.
  • Removed option to change "links" tag name in CONFIG" -> "Links tag". Pointless, just takes up space and memory. Reviewed all users who have changed this setting, there weren't a lot. Most of them entered unusable value which doesn't make sense. Seems to be more confusing than useful. Especially since links tag hosts were added in quite old past update and hosts can now be surrounded automatically. If you really need to change it you can still do it via general replacements, but I really doubt you actually need that (I don't recommended it).
  • Removed charset setting in "FORUMS" tab. Pointless and more confusing for basic user. Charset problems were solved long time ago and it's detected automatically fine. It's even updated on the fly if needed so that setting didn't had much effect anyway.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed [code] inside [center] preview display problem.
  • Improvements to ReCaptcha (when Google account is saved).
  • Added [font], [left], [right] tags for BBCode to HTML conversion.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Captcha" -> for antiGate, "Use for random questions". Anti-Gate now support random questions as well. Disabled by default. Enable if needed.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed message preview window images loading when URL has https.
  • Improved a lot performance of showing captcha to consume less CPU (more than 2000% less).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added user rank column for posts list table. Hidden by default. Right click on any column to make visible if needed.
  • Fixed prefix matching from .txt file element.
  • Improved: daily post limit is now based per forum user.
  • Improved: flood delay is now based per forum user.
  • Improved multiple posts preview window. Posts are now displayed in the list (you can still use arrow keys to navigate). Window loads much faster (almost instantly). Also removed limits of how many posts can be previewed.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other" -> "Automatically remove error / success files older than (in days)". Default 5 days.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed Blogger. Had to make new type of login because Google's new services now always require to grant access via browser. Also it's no longer needed to have blogID in the URL when adding. You can just use main blog URL.
  • Added some basic message actions for schedule tasks: change user rank / description / tags / subject / prefix / subscribe. The same actions which were always available for "posts list", just missing in schedule.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added invert selection button for post's list tags.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed login for type "Email".
  • Fixed some SSL handling issues.
  • Temporarily removed Blogger support since Google decided not to support older services. Waiting for Google to approve my request to use their new services. Should be fixed for next update (2.37).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added new user rank "Random" for posting (shown as round arrow). Uses random user of all added users in forum when posting.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved [links] tag to be case-insensitive to avoid accidental problems.
  • Added new option in "CONFIG" -> Captcha" -> "Google account". By saving Google account reCaptcha shows better, easier to read images.
  • Added new field in interval posting window: "Time period in hours". By changing it the interval in minutes value will adjust automatically.
  • Added calendar inside interval posting window for easier time changing.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added new option in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" -> "Disable parsing smilies when posting in forum if available".
  • Added new auto-directory posting tag <prefix>. Used as: <prefix>TagName</prefix>. For example: <prefix>[MULTI]</prefix>.
  • Improved opening status in browser when no URL or file to open template's / topic's URL instead of main URL.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed within program displaying problems with some rare Unicode characters.
  • Improved schedule saving after task is finished.
  • Separated type "Burning Board" to "Burning Board <= 3.x" and "Burning Board 4.x" to improve performance. If you had any Burning Board forums they are by default now "Burning Board <= 3.x". You might need update type to 4.x if there were any (still new and quite rare).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added button to "change message tags for selected posts" in "Posts list".
  • Added 1 new build-in forum.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed problem with Buddhist calendar. Mostly to people from Thailand.
  • Improved websites background checking to check for charset changes and update if needed.
  • Improved websites background checking to check for type changes and inform in "OTHER" statuses.
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Added support for new type "IP Board 4.x".
  • Fixed some punBB type issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Added optional parameters for [embed] tag to specify height and width for conversion to HTML iframe: [embed=700x480]URL[/embed].
  • Fixed duplicate subject checking when using directory posting.
  • Added new option when "Check for duplicate subject" setting is enabled to always skip post (now default). Option to ask what to do still exits, just seems to be more annoying with a lot of pop-ups.
  • Added option when saving multiple posts to file and file with name already exists to add increment number at the end of the file name and don't ask again.
  • Renamed type "IP Board #1" to "IP Board 1.x / 2.x" and "IP Board #2" to "IP Board 3.x" to avoid confusion.
  • Added button to "change subject for selected posts" in "Posts list".
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed some SSL handling issues.
  • Updated some internal libraries to newer versions which theoretically should improve overall performance.
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Improved some browser related security aspects.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed directory posting file grabbing when options "Grab one file..." and "Grab in random order" are enabled at the same time to actually randomize files before grabbing that one file.
  • Added ability for "Replace [links] with custom tag" to specify multiple tags separated by "|". For example: "spoiler|code" would surround links with: [spoiler][code]http://all_links_example.com[/code][/spoiler].
  • Fixed BBCode to HTML conversion of list tag.
  • Added new type vBulletin 5.x and renamed the old one to vBulletin 3.x / 4.x. They changed too much. The old type works with all previous versions (just never saw 2.x, but it should also work fine as it always worked).
  • Added option to change phpBB 3.x login page name (very rarely needed) in FORUMS -> "Other settings" -> "Change login page name".
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Fixed schedule start-up bug when time was in the past and chosen option was "Yes to all" (post now). Was adding duplicate statuses.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed some posting charset problems when website's charset is not UTF-8 and message is not in English.
  • Improved subject for SMF type replies when no subject is entered or first line has BBCode to try to use the subject from forum's topic.
  • Improved preview window not to use proxy for loading images (just not needed).
  • Improved importing large websites .txt file.
  • Improved. Settings "Hide passwords in program" and "Use default program for .html files" now enabled by default. Only affects new users. If you don't have them enabled you might want to do so.
  • Improved some settings placements. Like captcha related moved to "CONFIG" -> "Captcha" tab, questions related to "CONFIG" -> "Questions", etc.
  • Improved a lot of small GUI related stuff.
  • Improved. When investigating website setting "Convert message to HTML" is now automatically enabled if detected type is Wordpress or uCoz blog since they don't support bbCode.
  • Added ability to add more topics / templates to multiple schedule tasks at the same time.
  • Fixed Email checking bug when it automatically was changed to URL.
  • Added for DiscuzX one type of captcha and random question support.
  • Added option to change Wordpress login page name (very rarely needed) in FORUMS -> "Other settings" -> "Wordpress: Change login page name".
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Changed shortcut SHIFT+L to CTRL+D.
  • Fixed some various small posting problems.
  • Fixed replacements "search for" case checking.
  • Added new element tag for directory posting <schedule> for scheduling from .txt. Supported date formats: click to view.
  • Improved restart handling when needed.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" -> "Pause schedule tasks with the same forum if posting status failed.".
  • Added new button in "FORUMS" -> "Replacements" -> "Delete selected replacements from other forums.".
  • Improved a bit various lists / tables handling speed.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved "search and filter" fields performance (at least 2x-3x times faster).
  • Improved when [links] tag is replaced with nothing or options with [url] to deal with new lines better.
  • Fixed Wordpress new question / answer on login page.
  • Added support for new type "uCoz blog".
  • Added zoom slider for message preview window.
  • Added "Clear" button next to search and filter field in some lists and tables.
  • Added special search terms for forums: "with users" and "without users".
  • Fixed some various small posting problems.
  • Fixed punBB problems.
  • Added new shortcut SHITF+L to press on "Load last saved message" button.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" -> "Abort statuses for the same forum if previous status failed.".
  • Improved. "Errors" menu renamed to "Files" and added some more options regarding "success" and "backup" files.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved saving / reading large user files (should also help to fix corrupted files). 2x-3x faster on saving / reading.
  • Added ".bmp" images for "Surround with [img] tag automatically" setting. Somehow forgot about them earlier.
  • Fixed some various small posting problems.
  • Added description, tags, subscribe field to single message preview window.
  • Changed default processes limit setting from 60 to 40. Never noticed it was set so high by default. You might want to lower it if you still use 60 since this change will only affect new users.
  • Added "Reset sync configuration" under "Message" menu. Might be useful when using with themaLeecher and changing network might corrupt the configuration, then reset is needed to restore normal sync functionality.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added shortcuts F1 and F2 to open FAQ / tutorials and forum.
  • Added new feature in "Forums" menu to "Import forums from .txt file.".
  • Fixed DLE short description having footnote. When separator is used it won't appear in short description.
  • Improved "blog separator". It can be now inserted via replacements if needed. Was not possible before.
  • Improved replacements list. Added new column showing the order in which replacements are applied. Not changeable directly, just for information. To change order you'll need remove and add again [or update] (as always). The order information was hidden before. It usually doesn't matter that much, might be important in rare cases.
  • Improved setting in "CONFIG" -> "Directory posting" -> "When replying don't use subject...". It now also affects posts list when loading messages from .txt files.
  • Added new setting for [links] tag -> "Use [hide] with [code] for [links]".
  • Fixed interval posting first post time (it was not the chosen time as described in the FAQ).
  • Improved. Forum setting "Convert message to HTML" moved from "Other settings" to "Main settings" since noticed it was used more often.
  • Added button in "FORUMS" tab to "Reset settings to default values" for those who were not familiar with ALT+Z shortcut. Mostly useful when adding new forum.
  • Improved a lot of internal stuff to make life easier later.
  • Fixed flood delay (min, max) not working when global flood delay set to 0.
  • Added questions support for PhpBB 3.x login if needed (when trying to login incorrectly too many times).
  • Fixed some rare new domains validation (.rocks one of them).
  • Updated French translation (thanks to Volger from forum).
  • Added 1 new build-in forum.
  • Fixed some various small posting problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed some international domains validation.
  • Fixed forum prefix tag change to default (if was changed before) when setting prefix id and icon id to empty.
  • Improved. When removing banned host clean up the empty [color] tags.
  • Added cover (featured image) support for some Wordpress blogs ("resim" input name for image url).
  • Fixed some various small posting problems.
  • Improved. First update version notice is now shown after program is fully loaded.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other" -> "Default left tab on start-up". Which tab is by default selected on start-up.
  • Added ability to change prefix for multiple groups / sections at once.
  • Added option "Visualize images without [img] tag" for message preview window.
  • Added 3 new build-in forums.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed start-up issue which some people had (not many).
  • Fixed multiple posts preview from posts list and schedule when message had uppercase [IMG] tag.
  • Added "Disable forum" option in right click menu on topics / templates lists.
  • Added new search filter special terms for forums list: "enabled" and "disabled".
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" -> "Remove extra empty new lines [when more than 2] (makes message text better if there are a lot of empty new lines, might happen due to removed banned hosts or just badly formatted message).".
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Directory posting" -> "When replying from directory don't use subject (not recommended: worse SEO, harder for people to find post)".
  • Added spell checker (only English). However it's disabled by default due to more RAM (memory) usage. It must be enabled manually from "bin" folder, "config.properties" file (open in any text editor), change the value for "SPELL_CHECKER" to true.
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to Sagat from forum).
  • Added 1 new build-in forum.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed "ClientProtocolException" which happened when server did not provide any content encoding.
  • Fixed some rare SSL (https) incorrect handling.
  • Fixed some websites with browser protection issue.
  • Fixed adding of some myBB forums which have common bug in the login and does nothing to fix it themselves.
  • Added new BBCode button "spoiler" and shortcut "ALT+H".
  • Added support for multiple posts message preview from posts list and schedule.
  • Improved deleting of topics / templates. When deleting topic / template it will be also removed from posts list and schedule immediately now (before it was removed only after restart).
  • Some schedule fixes: schedules were removed after restart even when "Removed finished" setting was not enabled. If there are no templates / topics in task it's now updated to finished on start-up. Warning of old task on start-up was given for paused tasks. When auto shutdown was enabled it didn't ignore paused tasks.
  • Fixed some various small posting problems.
  • Increased interval posting max minutes to 7200 (120 hours). Also added field where you can enter minutes via keyboard if wanted.
  • Updated some internal libraries.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed some rare domains validation (.sexy and few others).
  • Added "Redo" (CTRL+Y) functionally for text fields and improved "Undo" (CTLR+Z). Program uses (always used) global edit history for all fields which limit is 100.
  • Added simple "Find & Replace" window for text fields (accessible when right clicking on field or shortcut CTRL+H).
  • Added bbCode to html conversion of [embed] tag (to iframe).
  • Fixed some small posting problems.
  • Fixed url issues when url had non-english characters, spaces or some non parsed characters.
  • Improved a lot of internal components which will make things easier in the future.
  • Added special tag <postSubject> which can be used in message text to insert the subject (shortcut CTRL+T).
  • Improved templates finder for SMF (to find sub-forums in some forums).
  • Improved few fatal start-up errors handling.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed word wrapping in preview window.
  • Fixed default categories of build-in forums showing when all forums from that category deleted.
  • Added reCaptcha support for XenForo (just never seen before any XenForo to use that captcha).
  • Fixed some small posting problems.
  • Added optional name field for replacements (to make easier to identify them if needed).
  • Added new column in status table "Post date". You can hide it by right clicking on the column if not needed. Affects only new statuses.
  • Added new option under "Forums" menu at the top -> "Import emails from .txt file.".
  • Improved. If shutdown or hibernate enabled added warning that the action will be executed in 60 seconds with ability to cancel.
  • Small improvements.


  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added reCaptcha support for IP Board forums (just never seen before any IPB forum to use it).
  • Fixed .txt reading with message separator(s) inside. Didn't took the right subject.
  • Fixed bug when adding large amount of messages to posts list via .txt files.
  • Improved. Replacements where "Regex search" is enabled are now shown with green background.
  • Fixed proxy backup. Didn't made backup of proxy at all.
  • Added some features regarding themaLeecher upcoming new update. Those will be mentioned in themaLeecher changelog.
  • Improved. In forum's lists the type name changed to category name. There is already an icon identifying the type, there is no point to write it again. Category is more useful.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other" -> "Check websites in the background for domain changes (every 1 hour).". Enabled by default. If domain changes detected url is changed automatically and status added in status table "Other" tab. Also adds statuses if domain is unreachable and website might be dead. Note that "Other" statuses are not saved when exiting the program (never were) so you might want to check them from time to time for general information.
  • Fixed posting for newer versions of Burning Board type (they changed some things).
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed issue with files which have invisible character at the start (showed up as strange symbol or question mark when posting).
  • Fixed color chooser.
  • Added proxy management for forum in "FORUMS" -> "Proxy". You can set proxy for whole forum or for wanted user ranks. Forums where proxy is used background will be yellow. Small icon in status table near username will also be displayed to indicate that proxy was used.
  • Improved checking proxy in "CONFIG" -> "Proxy". You can now check proxy without enabling it.
  • Fixed setting "Always on top" (the program dialogs were shown behind the main window making impossible to see them).
  • Improved Wordpress login.
  • Fixed XenForo in some cases duplicate threads problem (not always happened).
  • Added tags support for XenForo (not all forums have them enabled), the parameter was missing.
  • Fixed few other small posting problems.
  • Improved dialog of forum category chooser. Now you can choose multiple forum categories.
  • Fixed rare maximize issues with 1280x800 and 1280x1024 resolutions.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed some small posting problems.
  • Fixed .sx domain fail to validate.
  • Some code migration to newer programming language version and newer libraries.
  • Small bug in "Topic's editor" when showing topics of wrong forum (only happened when forum did not had any topics).
  • Fixed characters limit bug (error happened in rare cases).
  • Fixed Blogger adding process when url was with https (shown wrong format error).
  • Added new option in status table right click context to "Enable forum".
  • Improved proxy management in "CONFIG" -> "Proxy". You can now save multiple proxies (if you had old proxy enabled the setting will be lost, just re-add and enable).
  • Added size option for [youtube] tag, which need to be specified like this: [youtube=700x300]http://youtubelink...[/youtube] where first number is width, and second is height.
  • Added new button in "FORUMS" -> "Manage" -> "Clear notes for selected forums".
  • Fixed few rare cases when templates finder was not able to find forums.
  • Fixed one type of captcha related bug.
  • Fixed some cases of Discuz forum type captcha not showing.
  • Added new tag for directory posting "<useSubject>false</useSubject>" when you don't want to use any subject (might be useful when replying). Not recommended, because subject gives better SEO for all posts.
  • Updated Russian language file.
  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" -> "Don't use description.".
  • Added new button in "TOPICS" tab -> "Add topics". Just for shortcut which leads to "FORUMS" tab if no / multiple topics selected and shows a tip to use topics editor. If 1 topic selected it can open topics editor for that forum without going to "FORUMS" tab.
  • Added new button in "TEMPLATES" tab -> "Add templates". Just for shortcut which leads to "FORUMS" tab and shows a tip to use templates finder or editor. If 1 template selected it will select that forum in "FORUMS" tab automatically.
  • Other small improvements / fixes.


  • Changed bbCode to html conversation of [center] tag to fix Wordpress problem.
  • Fixed [youtube] tag conversion to html.
  • Added new setting in "CONGIF" -> "Other" -> "Date format".
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other" -> "Footnote".
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" -> "Automatically surround image links (ending .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png) with [img] tag if not already surrounded."
  • Moved "Links tag" settings to separate tab "CONFIG" -> "Links tag".
  • Added ability in "CONFIG" -> "Links tag" settings to add hosts which will be automatically surrounded with [links] tag.
  • Added new auto-captcha service ripCaptcha.
  • Added support for one of Discuz captchas.
  • Fixed small replacements and [links] tag conflicts.
  • "Templates helper" renamed to "Templates editor". Easier to understand for new users.
  • Removed "Title for templates" option. Confusing and not useful. Templates finder / helper (editor) didn't even had ability to specify the title when that option was enabled.
  • Removed "ADD" tab. Confusing for new users and add topics / templates via "FORUMS" tab is much faster since you can access the same templates finder / helper (editor) buttons.
  • Added "Topics editor" button in "FORUMS" tab for adding / editing topics.
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed some small posting problems.
  • Removed two rectangles at the bottom. Not really needed. Just takes space.
  • Added at the bottom two indicators to show the number of error and success files in the folders. You can also click on them to open the folder (usually not necessary, double clicking on status will open the error/success file).
  • Added in captcha / questions table right click option to "Copy question".
  • Fixed some regex tester issues (didn't show error on bad regular expression properly).
  • Added new setting in "COFING" -> "Other" to "Hide description field".
  • Added "ebookee.org" to build-in forums.
  • Improved. Maximize and focus when received message from themaLeecher.
  • Fixed update notice problem when response comes from second server.
  • Few other small fixes and improvements.


  • Added spintax support for subject (it was only for message).
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Directory posting" -> "Grab one file from each folder at a time.".
  • Added ability to show/hide some columns of few tables.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" -> "Subscribe to all posts automatically.".
  • Fixed some posting problems.
  • Small antiGate improvement.
  • Few other small improvements.


  • Fixed file chooser so it would remember the last browsed folder.
  • Fixed some images not being loaded in message preview window.
  • Fixed some posting problems.
  • Added support to receive messages from themaLeecher.
  • Added support to send messages to themaLeecher (in "Message" menu or CTRL + L).
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed minor VBulletin posting problem ("No match found" error).
  • Small improvements in "Templates finder" for DLE Blog and Wordpress type.
  • Fixed some minor posting problems.
  • Fixed flood delay not being used for warning statuses when post is posted, but just needs approval.
  • Core improvements and optimizations.


  • Fixed general replacements bug which led them to be applied multiple times. Now being applied only before posting.
  • Fixed message to file saving bug from posts list when file already existed.
  • Fixed not able to add websites of https.
  • Added \r to message line breaks when saving to file (windows standard, notepad displays lines breaks correctly).
  • Added in "FORUMS" -> "Other" section for Dle blogs which require to post via admin-cp to allow to change the name of admin-cp page if needed. Default: admin.php
  • Improved. Some VBulettin forums use add-on with option "Automatically retrieve titles from external links", it's now disabled because it usually is quite slow and not really needed.
  • Fixed some minor posting problems.
  • Added new option in "FORUMS" -> "Other" to "Remove extra images from start" when [img] limit is reached.


  • Fixed important posting problem due to CloudFlare security changes.
  • Fixed some minor posting problems.
  • Fixed some bbCode to HTML converting issues.
  • Fixed [img] limit bug when "Remove" option was chosen. Now removes only for needed forum(s).
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed important posting bug which was accidentally made in 2.08.
  • Fixed [img] limit bug when "Remove extra images automatically" was chosen. It left the [url=image]..[/url] not removed around the [img] tag.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "General posting" : "Grab first image in message as cover".
  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" only for DLE Blogs to "Use admin-cp for login and post".
  • Added new button in replacements panel to "Save replacements to file".


  • Fixed [img] limit setting bug. For example: setting to 1 will now allow 1 image and every image above 1 is over limit. This also affects 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.
  • Fixed other [img] limit setting bug. It only counted lowercase [img].
  • Fixed small PM finding problem in some SMF forums.
  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" tab what to do when [img] limit is exceeded: "Skip status (edit manually if needed)." or "Remove extra images automatically.".
  • Fixed some posting problems.
  • Improved handling of "NoHttpResponseException" error (should happen less).
  • Added new option in "Status" table right click context to quickly "Change prefix" (only for failed statuses to retry with correct prefix if needed).
  • Added new 7 build-in forums.


  • Fixed bug with private message checker. It was not able to update message count in the table. Also if user reads the message it did not update in the program.
  • Fixed bug of not able to retry warning status that user has private message (retry should be possible because user might have read the pm already or just knows what he's doing).
  • Added new option in "STATUS" tab to "Close the program after all posting is done".
  • Fixed some questions detection in phpBB 3.x and DLE Blog type.
  • Fixed small login issues in some Wordpress blogs.
  • Fixed some issues with DLE Blog which use wysiwyg editors.
  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" section "[img] tag limit in message". Default is -1 (unlimited).
  • Improved startup when schedule tasks which are in the past found. Added options to choose posting now "No to all", "Yes to all" or "Choose for each task". Also added subject information if "Choose for each task" is chosen which makes easier to identify tasks.
  • Fixed bug when saving message to file the subject (file name) had illegal characters for file path.
  • Added new button in "Posts list" tab at the top row to "change description for selected posts".


  • Fixed bug which lead to 417 http status error.
  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" section to "skip posting if message contains banned host".
  • Improved. In "CONFIG" tab, when "Sections" or "Groups" tabs are selected the "Questions" panel is now hidden to make more space to manage sections or groups.
  • Added button in "FORUMS" -> "Hosts" section to "delete selected hosts from other forums".
  • Added new option in "CONFIG" -> "Templates" section to "show templates of disabled forums" (now hidden by default).
  • Added new option in "CONFIG" -> "Topics" section to "show topics of disabled forums" (now hidden by default).
  • Fixed some posting problems.


  • Improved. 15-20% higher performance in some cases.
  • Fixed root causes of unexpected OutOfMemoryErrors in very rare cases.
  • Fixes of certain sporadic access violation crashes (TRAP#3, TRAP#17).
  • Added new flags: Algeria, Morocco and Serbia.
  • Fixed not finding sections in some rare cases of SMF type.
  • Fixed tooltip of cover link showing text when there is actually no cover link added.
  • Fixed bug when banned host is used with "[url=host][img]host[/img][/url]" tags leaving [url=[/url] part not removed.
  • Added new filter in "TOPICS" and "TEMPLATES" tab to filter by forum's category (default = All forums).
  • Fixed and improved non-regex replacements when used with special characters \ or $.
  • Fixed some posting problems.
  • Fixed bug for DLE blogs which require to post via admin panel (bad spacing).
  • Added new option in "STATUS" tab to "Hibernate after all posting in status table is done.".
  • Added new 1 build-in forum.


  • Added new button in bbCode buttons panel for "Blog message separator".
  • Fixed optional fields setting.
  • Added "Blog message separator" support for Blogger.
  • Fixed "Blog message separator" when used with "convert message to HTML" setting.
  • Fixed copying replacements to other forums when other forum already had replacement with the same search string (it's now replaced).
  • Added ability to change flag for selected forums in "FORUMS" -> "Manage" section.
  • Fixed preview message bug with [code] tags.
  • Fixed url validator when domain is "xxx".
  • Improved schedule "time left" displaying format to more readable "hours:minutes:seconds".
  • Fixed posting to DLE blog when blog requires to post via admin panel.
  • Fixed sorting of sub-groups and sub-sections.
  • Added new setting in "FORUMS" -> "Other" section to "Don't post at home" for DLE Blogs.
  • Fixed non-regex replacements when search string had \n.
  • Updated Spanish and French translations.
  • Fixed "DLE Forum" type detection.


  • Fixed some re-sizing issues with higher resolution.
  • Added flags managements ("CONFIG" -> "Flags") where you can disable / enable wanted flags. You can use special terms "enabled" or "disabled" in search and filter flags field.
  • Improved status filter. You can now filter by flag of forum (just by writing flag name in the field).
  • Added new right click context item "Open in browser" for topics / templates / forums lists and status tables. You can still double click to open in browser single item.
  • Added new 6 build-in forums.


  • Fixed some small posting problems with few forums.
  • Improved for very low screen height resolutions (when height is only 600px).
  • Fixed bug with Linux file system when used via Wine.
  • Fixed message preview (image loading) when program is used with proxy and authentication.
  • Fixed bug when saved topic had wrong topic id (used post id, mostly in VBulletin forums).
  • Added new button next to subject field to convert message to HTML.
  • Added new setting for forum's in "FORUMS" -> "Other" to convert every message to HTML (from BBCode) which is posted to a forum / blog.
  • Fixed DLE captcha when used with AntiGate.
  • Improved. When option in "CONFIG" -> "Other" -> "Automatically switch to "Q" tab when captcha needs to be entered." is enabled then answer field fill focus automatically.
  • Added new shortcut "CTRL + Q" to focus first captcha field in "Q" tab.
  • Fixed some bugs with deleted build-in forums.
  • Improved left and right side panels. You can now change the size of them (only when no screen size warning is given).
  • Fixed [center] tag in message preview.
  • Added maximize button in message preview.
  • Added new tab "History" in color chooser were all previously selected colors are displayed.
  • Fixed saving of recent colors in color chooser.
  • Fixed search and filter in "deleted build-in forums" window.


  • Fixed small bug with some DLE Blogs.
  • Fixed sections / groups updating when changing case of words.
  • Fixed some small posting problems with few forums.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" -> "Other" section: "Automatically switch to "Q" tab when captcha needs to be entered".
  • Fixed proxy when used with username and password.
  • Added new 21 build-in forums.
  • Fixed small old bug in message url highlighter.
  • Fixed message saving to file when saving to the existing file.
  • Added new forum's filter special terms "with topics", "without topics", "with templates", "without templates".
  • Fixed templates finder when not finding sub-forums in some VBulletin forums.
  • Improved posting to Blogger.
  • Fixed small bug when filtering forums / topics or templates by forum type.


  • Completelly re-written (except the main GUI part).
  • Templates / topics no longer have users with them. Users are only added to forums with specific "rank" and you will need to choose the "rank" of the user to post with.
  • Some visual changes.
  • The way things are saved is completely re-desing, making the user files of v.1.xx incompatible.
  • Fixed minor aborting status issue.
  • Fixed "clear forum notes" button.
  • Topics / templates are automatically sorted by forum / group (section) or title which is controlled by setting in "CONFIG" tab.
  • Improved lists (all lists are sorted, most alphabetically).
  • GROUPS tab renamed to TOPICS. SECTIONS tab renamed to TEMPLATES
  • Management (add / delete) of groups and sections were moved to CONFIG tab.
  • Added ability to add sub-groups and sub-sections.
  • Added two new options in "Templates helper" to: [*] Show only sections without id's. [*] Show only sections with id's.
  • Added "Clear id's for selected" button and search field in "Templates helper".
  • Fixed interval posting dialog.
  • Increased time you can choose in interval posting to 48 hours.
  • Added new option in schedule to automatically remove finished tasks.
  • Fixed and improved posting to blogger (blogspot).
  • Added ability to set flood delay per section / group.
  • Added ability to set default prefix for each section / group.
  • Added setting to skip post if user has a private message in the forum in "CONFIG" -> "General posting".
  • Added setting to check for duplicate subject before posting and show a warning in "CONFIG" -> "General posting".
  • Added support for spintax, example: {Writing|Creating} {articles|stories} is a {lot of fun|rewarding experience}.
  • Default program size is now fullscreen (you can change it as you want of course).
  • Added flags for forums.
  • Added templates finder.
  • CaptchaTrader removed (dead).
  • Added BypassCaptcha service.
  • Added ability to dock / undock status, schedule and posts list panels and have them in separate windows.
  • Fixed DLE Blog bug with newer versions.
  • Added ability to send emails to any email address.
  • Added right-to-left writing option in settings menu.
  • Added post as "anonymous" option for "Discuz" forums.
  • Added new item to right click pop-up on text fields with option "Clear".
  • Added setting for "default user rank" in "FORUMS" tab -> "Other" section.
  • Added regex tester in replacements.
  • Added new shortcut ALT+Z to clear all fields in "FORUMS" tab.
  • Fixed some posting problems.
  • Added new "Q" tab in status mode where all captcha's and security questions are displayed which needs to be entered (no more pop-ups).
  • Added option 4 for auto-retry times and some options up to 120 for auto-retry seconds.
  • Fixed backups on start-up. If there is an error during start-up, backup won't be made (no point in making backup of invalid file).
  • Added icons in forums list which show if forum has any notes, topics or templates.
  • Added information in forums list tooltip which says how many topics and templates forum has.
  • Added daily post limit settings in "FORUMS" tab -> "Other".
  • Added new forum type "Burning Board".
  • Removed all dead build-in forums and added some new. Total for now 125.
  • Other things.


  • Fixed forum's loading bug from older versions.
  • Fixed saving threads when id is in url bug.


  • Renamed tab "POST" to "CONFIG".
  • Re-arranged "CONFIG" tab.
  • Moved management of prefixes and forum's categories to "CONFIG".
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added new language interface: Vietnamese.
  • Added new setting in "CONFIG" tab -> "General postings" -> "Use flood delay on failed statuses.".
  • Added forum / topic id picker button from the entered url when adding topics / templates. (Works not 100% since sometimes the id is not in the url).
  • Fixed one case when statuses were getting stuck (when saving topics from the program).
  • Added new type "Blogger" (blogspot).
  • Added simple button to check entered proxy in the proxy settings section.
  • Added "randomize thread visits by" option in "CONFIG" tab, "Other" section.
  • Fixed small bug when "using prefix as a tag" in subject at end won't work.
  • Fixed notes disappearing bug when updating forum.
  • Added new 2 built-in forums.
  • Other fixes / improvements.


  • Fixed delete keyboard key with status table bug.
  • Added queue number for a status.
  • Fixed adding multiple posts from posts list to schedule bug.
  • Fixed couple posting problems.
  • Added new setting in "Post" tab, to "randomize post order when posting from posts list".
  • Added new setting in "Post" tab, to "don't add date to moved files.".
  • Few other important fixes.


  • Fixed / improved some minor things in templates helper.
  • Fixed posts list counter in some cases.
  • Fixed user updating bug not changing in statuses.
  • Added new shortcut CTRL+F to quickly focus main search fields.
  • Changed basics of flood delay to avoid increasing delay time and posting at the same time to the same forum. Also to ensure posting in added order.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • The subscribe check-box state is now remembered.
  • Added new setting in "Post" tab what to clear besides subject / message when clearing (pressing the "clear" button).
  • Smart login now works with multiple accounts.
  • Added new tab "OTHER" in "status mode" to separate non posting statuses (checking forums / logins etc.).
  • Added row count in status mode on main tabs ("active", "history", "pm", "other").
  • Added the subject to message preview window.
  • New options for "History limit": 12000, 13000, 15000.
  • New options for "Processes limit": 1, 2 (not recommended to use since new delay system should handle just fine).
  • Added new option in "Post" tab to "grab files in random order".
  • Forum notes now supports bbCode (and clickable links with [url] tag surrounded).
  • Added new default forum's category "All forums".
  • Added new captcha service "deathByCaptcha".
  • Added new forum type "phpWind".
  • Fixed bug when questions weren't save if "always save" option was selected.
  • Added option to add a cover link (some forums has this optional field, support added only for vBulletin since didn't saw any other forums with this field).
  • Using posting from directory you can now add [NO] at the start of file name to don't use the subject when loading to program. Also added tag <cover>Cover link</cover> to specify the cover link if wanted.
  • Added new settings in "Post" tab: "Add cover link at the start of the message surrounded with [img] tag".
  • Improved the core of schedule. Note that paused task's post date will not be updated now.
  • Added new setting in "Post" tab for directory posting to "send post immediately and save a copy to posts list".
  • Added new setting in "Post" tab for directory posting to "delete loaded files".
  • Search on lists now works as filters leaving in the list only the values which matched (instead of only selecting them). Also a setting in the settings menu to restore the original behavior.
  • You can now use special tags <description>Description</description> , <subscribe>true</subscribe> , <cover>Cover link</cover>, <tags>tag1, tag2...</tags> in the main message to provide information to optional fields (or you can just write them in the fields as usually).
  • Added option to "jump to forum" on topics / templates lists by right clicking.
  • Fixed backups limit bug when it was not working when auto-backups were being made.
  • Other fixes / improvements.


  • Added new default post tag: "untagged posts".
  • Fixed some tables displaying problems.
  • Fixed bug of retrying warnings in the statuses.
  • Added "abort all" button in captcha displaying panel.
  • "Disable forum" by right clicking in status table now works on all selected statuses.
  • Added new option in status mode to remove failed statuses automatically.
  • Added notes section for forums.
  • A bit improved forums view, now icon near "replacements / banned hosts / notes" changes to colorful or black & white depending if there is anything added or not.
  • Added an option to select multiple sections in templates helper and by right clicking set forum id to all selected.
  • Added simple bbCode tags highlighting and ability to disable it in "Message" menu.
  • Fixed shortchut "ALT+N" when switching from "posts list" mode.
  • Fixed GUI problem with Turkish language interface.
  • Added new setting in "Post" tab: "auto backup mins" which is in minutes.
  • Added new option under "Help" menu to "backup now".
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Improved captcha displaying to avoid multiple captchas at the same time.
  • Added button to load from .txt file(s) to posts list.
  • Added checking for the same url hosts when adding new forum / blog.
  • Added username column in status table.
  • Other important fixes / improvements.


  • Added post tags system to have ability to add simple tags to posts in post list and filter later by tags (acts like "folders").
  • Re-arranged status and schedule modes.
  • Added "Subject / Message" column in the status table.
  • Added "Last Update" column in the posts list.
  • Moved posts list to separate mode.
  • Fixed topic id finding bug when it added only the first digit.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other fixes / improvements.


  • Fixed saving settings to built-in forums bug.
  • The resolution bug of 1280 width should be fixed.
  • Added bbCode buttons to message edit windows.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • The "last saved message" will be lost from previous versions, had to change the saving / loading.
  • Other small important fixes / improvements.


  • Added new setting "check for updates" (to have ability to disable it).
  • Added new setting "maximize when low resolution" (only visible if resolution is low).
  • Added new setting "make beep sound on captcha".
  • Fixed few resolution problems when it's 1280 width.
  • Added new option under "Forums" menu to "Add user to selected forums".
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added simple information of unclosed bbCode tags in the message.
  • Added ability to copy templates to other sections.
  • Other small fixes / improvements.


  • Added new 1 built-in forum.
  • Fixed replacements bug when updating forum type.
  • Fixed schedule bug when changing time to paused tasks.
  • Added center tag bbcode button.
  • Added new forum type "fluxBB".
  • Compiled with the new version of compiler which states to increase performance, especially those running on multi-core/multi-CPU systems, from 1.2x to 2.6x, depending on the benchmark. Also it states of fixed a few issues that caused sporadic access violations (TRAP #3) in long-running applications, unexpected OutOfMemoryError throwing, and occasional application crashes on 64-bit Windows. And other improvements.
  • In status table by right clicking "abort" / "retry" / "copy url" now works on all selected statuses (including the clicked one).
  • Added new options in "Forums" -> "Other" tab to change flood delay per forum (if set to -1 [which is default] the global flood delay from "Post" tab will be used).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added an option to save messages from posts list to files.
  • Added new option in "Settings" menu: "Always on top".
  • Added new option to copy banned hosts to other forums.
  • Added new language interface: Bulgarian.
  • Added new "investigate" button in "Forums" tab which will try to find charset and type of forum automatically.
  • Added support for "solve media" captcha.
  • Other fixes / improvements.


  • Added new 2 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum type "xenForo".
  • Improved message templates loader.
  • Added new options for PM checked in "Forums" menu to check by category.
  • Added an option in posts list to change the action from "reply" to "create" and vice versa.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • A bit re-aranged the buttons inside schedule mode and added search / select field.
  • Added new option in "Forums" menu to "check forum's login" by categories.
  • Added search / select field in status table and also a button to remove statuses (you could always do that by right clicking or just "delete" key on keyboard).
  • Other fixes / improvements.


  • Added new 3 built-in forums.
  • Fixed "Retry all" in history bug.
  • Fixed focus not on captcha field bug.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added shortcut ALT+M to load message template and CTRL+M to save current message as template.
  • Added new option in status table by right clicking to "jump to forum".
  • Added ability to see status in % when minimized to system tray, also you can just hide by right clicking.
  • Added smart forum name picker which will automatically fill the forum name field with entered forum domain address. Also added an option in settings menu to disable it.
  • Focus in templates helper is now removed automatically when update button pressed to save the value.
  • Added new option in "Forums" -> "Other" to disable subject chars limit.
  • Added new shortcut on status table by pressing middle mouse button to show message preview.
  • Other fixes / improvements.


  • Added PM auto checker (disabled by default, you can enable it in "Settings" menu, also in "Forums" menu added an option to "start PM check now", this will work even when PM auto checker is disabled).
  • Added settings in "Post" -> "Other" to change PM auto checker interval in minutes.
  • Added skip captcha after specified number of seconds when auto captcha is not used or fails (you can change it in "Post" tab, "Other" section).
  • Fixed "Tags limit" bug when setting to zero.
  • Changed "Check forums" menu, now it's completely by categories from the program.
  • Proxy state of "enabled" or "disabled" is now remembered.
  • Added new setting to disable auto switch to schedule mode.
  • Added new way to add posts from posts list to schedule when multiple posts are selected: "Add each post to schedule seperated by a specified interval".
  • Added basic keyboard shortcuts to close windows inside by "ESC" and press "Ok, Choose, Update" buttons from windows inside by "Enter".
  • Removed type SMF 2.x and left only SMF for both 1.x and 2.x.
  • Added "copy selected replacements to other forums" feature.
  • Added new option in status table by right clicking to "Retry after specified number of seconds".
  • Re-coded some old things.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Fixed templates helper bug.
  • Fixed loading bug of "vBulletinQ".
  • Few other improvements.


  • Fixed posts list bug.
  • Added new option in status table to copy url by right clicking when post sent successfully.
  • Added new option in status table to disable the forum.
  • Added new option for character counter in "Settings".
  • Added new slider in "Post" tab to change subject characters limit.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • A bit re-aranged the "Post" tab, moved some things to "Other" section inside.
  • Added option to export forum's urls to txt file under "Forums" menu.
  • Added an option under "Message" menu to remove first line when posting.
  • Added ability to "subscribe" when using posting from directory.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new language interface: Turkish.
  • Fixed phpBB 2.x captcha bug.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed "confirmation" bug.
  • Added new option to add the 'prefix tag' either at start of the subject (like it was by default) or at end.
  • Added a way to provide "description" and "tags" when posting from directory.
  • Added new "templates helper" in "add templates" section and in "forums" tab.
  • Added new button in "Posts list" to replace topics / templates for selected posts.
  • Added an option when using auto directory posting to grab new files only when there is no activity in status table.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 2 built-in forum.
  • Fixed few small Wordpress problems.
  • Fixed small DLE blog problem.
  • Added auto captcha support for DLE blog.
  • Fixed Gavo small changes.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added new option in "Forums" tab to use blog separator for DLE as splitter.
  • Added category changer in "Forums" tab.
  • Added new keyboard shortcut for blog separator and fixed shortcut for [quote].
  • Added new option "tags limit" in "Forums" tab.
  • Added ability to manage forum categories.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 3 built-in forums.
  • Fixed vBulletin bug which was accidentally made in 1.27.
  • Fixed forum settings small bug.
  • Added option to change time for schedule tasks.
  • Added captchaTrader support for phpBB captcha.
  • Added antiGate auto captcha option.
  • Other small fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 1 built-in forum.
  • Fixed captcha showing in DLE blogs.
  • Fixed few DLE blog posting problems.
  • Fixed disappeared message replacements from older versions (you will need to replace the forums file from 1.25 version to have them back).
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added Wordpress "<!--more-->" support. The blog separator for Wordpress will be automatically replaced to "<!--more-->".
  • Few small other fixes.


  • Added new 17 built-in forums.
  • Added new type "DLE blog" and renamed "DLE" to "DLE forum".
  • Added new type "Wordpress" (note: tested only on one blog).
  • Added subject replacements for forums.
  • Added new option to add post from schedule to posts list.
  • Added new option to disable forum.
  • Added new option to view all disabled forums in "Forums" menu.
  • Added ability to change category for forums within the default ones.
  • Added new option to subscribe to selected posts in posts list.
  • Added new option in "Post" tab: "DLE blog message separator".
  • Added new language interface: French.
  • Added new option under "Message" menu to "Use first line as subject".
  • Fixed prefix choosing bug if prefix is not found when posting from directory.
  • Fixed prefix tag choosing bug for forums.
  • Fixed import templates auto sections adding bug.
  • Fixed few small cookies problems.
  • Fixed IP Board #2 new lines bug which was in few forums.
  • Fixes few posting problems.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added basic sorting on posts list / schedule tables.
  • Added quick message preview button in posts list / schedule.
  • Added few keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added new option to "use [code] with [url] for [links]".
  • Added new setting to "use default program to open .html".
  • Added new option to "disable auto-captcha for this forum.".
  • Added gzip support for client and a setting to disable this client (gzip client should work faster, but some forums might not support gzip format (did not see any, but theoretically it might be)).
  • Added ability to add topics / templates to multiple posts at once in posts list .
  • Added ability to pause / start schedule tasks.
  • Added new option "default tag for directory auto-posting".
  • Added support for SMF 2.x new random questions.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed file reading bug.
  • Fixed export / import forum's users dissapearing bug.
  • Other small fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Fixed auto-replace in subject bug.
  • Added bypass for DnP Firewall.
  • Fixed groups changing / showing in different language interfaces.
  • Added new language interface: Spanish.
  • Added auto captcha support.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Fixed some cases of file saving 'bug'.
  • Added new option to capitalize the subject.
  • Added general subject / message replacements.
  • Rearranged the "Post" tab.
  • Added support for vBulletin password protected forums (only create threads).
  • Added new setting +[min, max] random seconds for flood delay.
  • Added ability to rename user sections.
  • Other small fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Fixed start-up bug.
  • Fixed phpBB 2.x posting description bug.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added new SMF 2.x captcha.
  • Added new language interfaces: German, Russian.
  • Fixed few displaying problems.
  • Fixed some other bugs.


  • Improved the removing of banned hosts.
  • Improved captcha / questions (if needed) showing.
  • Re-coded all language interface.
  • Re-aranged and renamed few main tabs for better meaning.
  • Added ability to schedule posts from posts list.
  • Added few keyboard shortcuts.
  • Re-coded the client.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added phpBB 3.x create threads support for password protected forums.
  • Added Ip Board #2 support for password protected forums.
  • Added new setting for 'messages in .txt file separator'.
  • Tons of optimizations and improvements.


  • Added new 1 built-in forum.
  • Fixed small bug in replacements, now it's possible to enter empty "replace with".
  • Fixed updating configuration problem for built-in forums (left a small bug).
  • Fixed small bug in phpBB 2.x reply / thread finding after successful post.
  • Seperated reply and create threads flood delay.
  • Added captcha support for SMF 1.x.
  • Added anti-bbAntiSpam bot detection for phpBB 3.x login.
  • Fixed vBulletin tags bug.


  • Added new 7 built-in forums.
  • Added few keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added ability to delete built-in forums.
  • Fixed saving banned hosts in built-in forums.
  • Added auto saving of unfinished active statuses when program closes.
  • Added custom replacements configuration in forum tab.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added automatic saving of entered answers to questions in the "database".
  • Added username / password settings for proxy.
  • Improved vBulletin captcha display. Also added phpBB captcha.
  • Added ability to specify a prefix in .txt name when using auto-posting from directory.
  • Removed type "vBulletin (question)" and left only vBulletin for all vBulletin forums (less confusion).
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations .


  • Fixed [links] problem in few build-in forums.
  • Added character counter on subject fields.
  • Fixed resolution detecting problems.
  • Fixed import bug.
  • Added banned hosts configuration in forum tab.


  • Added few keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added an option to change the prefix in posts list for multiple posts at once.
  • Added export option in forums / topics / templates menu.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added "Status" tab in the main tabs on the left, and a bit moved some settings from "Post" tab to new "Status" tab.
  • Added an option to automatically remove successful posts statuses from active.
  • Added message templates in "Message" menu.
  • Added new "history" tab in status mode which saves statuses to view later.
  • Added new setting "history limit" in "Status" tab. (Setting to -1 will disable history).
  • Added an option to shutdown the computer after all posting in status table is done.
  • Added an option by right clicking in status table to remove a single status.
  • Fixed few low resolution problems.
  • Added sort buttons in groups and sections lists.
  • A lot of other fixes / improvements / optimizations .


  • Added new 9 built-in forums.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Allowed multiple instances, but giving a warning instead.
  • Fixed 'abort' issues.
  • Added an option to specify the number of thread visits after the successful post.
  • Added 'edit message' in status table by right clicking if post fails.
  • Added an option to disable auto-retry for a specific forum.
  • Fixed a bug when auto-retry was active on just a warning.
  • Better message edit in posts list / schedule.
  • Better import.
  • Clean-up / optimizations / other fixes.


  • Added new 5 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum type "miniBB".
  • Smart login and retry system.
  • Option to leave post in the list when posting from 'posts list'.
  • Fixed a bug in showing forum users when updating topic / template.
  • Fixed few posting problems.
  • Added checking for duplicate subjects when adding to 'posts list'.
  • Custom tag names for prefixes.
  • Custom prefixes.
  • Fixed a bug when updating forum changes did not take affect on 'posts list' / 'schedule'.
  • Made an automatic visit to created thread to have at least 1 view.
  • Added an option to subscribe under the 'optional fields'.
  • Added few new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added abort single option in status table by right clicking.
  • Added auto anti-gavo bot detection .
  • Tons of other fixes / improvements / optimizations .


  • Mostly only quick important bug fixes which were left in the last version.
  • Fixed a bug when updating user info on forum.
  • Fixed a bug in [links] tag when it selects wrong replacement when posting in more forums.
  • Added an option in settings to sort templates / topics by forum.
  • Added button to clear only successful rows in status mode.
  • Added an option in settings to disable automatic keeping in center on screen.
  • Added [center] tag in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Few other fixes.


  • Added new 4 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum type "DLE".
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts for bbCodes.
  • Added more options for [links] tag.
  • Added an option to minimize to tray.
  • Added sorting by columns on status table.
  • Added "Retry all" button in status mode.
  • Change section for multiple templates at once.
  • Added an option in settings to disable the auto switching to status mode.
  • Fixed the filtering by sections / groups when there are large number of templates / topics.
  • You can now edit all built-in forums.
  • Improved posting from posts list and directory.
  • Re-aranged forum tab. Added new user's management for forum.
  • Fixed few posting bugs.
  • A lot of other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 7 built-in forums.
  • Added prefixes / icons ids and updated settings for all built-in forums.
  • Added current configuration information for all forums in "addedForums" second tab.
  • Added new options in 'forum' tab to use [code] or [hide] or [url] for links when posting.
  • Added the special [links] tag button. [links][/links] tags will be automatically replaced with [code], [hide] or [url] for each link depending on forum.
  • Added the "Posts list" in the status mode.
  • Added new button to "Add to posts list", which works like "reply / create threads" button, but instead of posting message immediately, your post will be added to the list to send it any time later.
  • Added new option in 'post' tab to automatically replace dots or underscores with spaces in the post subject.
  • Fixed few very small posting problems in some forums.
  • Added "Save all" button in the 'status mode' to try to save all created threads with one click.
  • Added an option when using auto-posting from directory to add posts to the "Posts list" and not send them immediately.
  • Added new option in settings to show "'My Sections' at the top", which will show user sections at the top when adding template.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 12 built-in forums.
  • New section in the 'Forum' tab to manage the prefixes / icons.
  • Changed the flood delay chooser.
  • Added option in settings to "Use title for templates".
  • Fixed a bug in finding created threads.
  • Fixed not showing signature in some versions of forums.
  • Added new option in settings to turn on / off the confirmation when deleting items.
  • Added "Abort all" button to status mode.
  • Full edit of your topics / templates.
  • Added the 'tags' field which some forums have under the optional fields.
  • Added ability to rename groups.
  • New option when adding / updating forums to 'use prefix as a tag in subject'.
  • Fixed small login and posting bug in in some versions of 'IP Board #1'.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 3 built-in forums.
  • Fixed few posting problems in some versions of "phpBB 2.x" and "Discuz".
  • Added new forum type "Discuz X".
  • Improved the delay handling between posts to the same forum.
  • Fixed "invalid charset" error on some valid charsets.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for switching between modes (status / schedule / normal).
  • View keyboard shortcuts in "Help" menu.
  • Save created thread automatically without entering any information.
  • An option to shutdown the computer automatically after all schedule tasks are completed.
  • Preview the message you're sending in status table by right clicking on the row.
  • Retry failed post in status table by right clicking on the row.
  • Import forums / templates / topics.
  • Added "current time" button in the time chooser.
  • Fixed few things with 'auto-posting' from directories.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 3 built-in forums.
  • Fixed small bug with delay.
  • Fixed bug in opening forum sections by double clicking.
  • Auto-create from directory (same as auto-reply from directory just for creating threads).
  • Better inside error handling.
  • Better server handling.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 5 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum types "Icy Phoenix" and "punBB".
  • Auto reply by .txt files with message in auto-groups directories.
  • Few important fixes.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 14 built-in forums.
  • New feature: load / save message from / to a text file.
  • Captcha support for vBulletin (question) type of forums.
  • New section in "Forum" tab to organize questions and answers for vBulletin (question) type of forums with a random question.
  • An optional short description field.
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Other fixes / improvements / optimizations.


  • Added new 8 built-in forums.
  • Fixed small bugs in some versions of vBulletin / SMF 1.x / IP Board #1 login / posting.
  • Added a right mouse click context menu of 'copy / paste / cut / undo / select all' on all fields.
  • Added "hide" tag in bbCode editor.
  • User sections. Manage your own sections.
  • Save created topic by right clicking on status row. You will still need to enter a topic id, but will not need to choose a forum nor to enter username / password / title.
  • A lot optimizations done.
  • Other fixes and improvements.


  • Added new 3 built-in forums.
  • Schedule (tasks) for posting. Start posting automatically at any chosen time.
  • Full edit of your saved forums. Change name / url / type / charset.
  • Customize message preview by changing background / text / links colors.
  • Icons of forum type next to your topics / templates / forums.
  • New option in the "post" tab section about clearing the 'status table' when starting posting.
  • New menu of "Settings" at menu bar.
  • Small visual changes and other fixes.


  • New feature: create new threads. Changed layout, added forum sections and more. The term template used for "forum section template" in which you would like to create thread(s).
  • Auto-backup: automatically saving last 10 user topics / forums / groups / templates in case something goes wrong.
  • New feature: change group for selected topics.
  • Improved bbCode editor.
  • Added "select all" button at the bottom on every list.
  • New feature: rename topics / templates / forums.
  • New feature: search topics / templates / forums by forum's type. For example: type in select (search) field 'vBulletin' and only all vBulletin forums will be selected from current viewing list.
  • A lot of other improvements and fixes.


  • Added new 26 built-in forums.
  • Added bbCode editor.
  • Fixed few small posting problems.
  • Improved topics sorting.
  • Added more icons to improve view.
  • Added progress bar for status mode.
  • Added number of forums before each forums category.
  • Renamed "Europian" category to "non-English".
  • Added "load last saved message and subject" button.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Added new 16 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum type "IP Board".
  • Fixed bug in "vBulletin" forums. Fix also allowed to leave only one vBulletin type for all vBulletin forums.
  • Fixed bug in "SMF 1.x" which was happening on non-english forums.
  • Fixed small bug in "Discuz".
  • New feature: sort your topics / forums.
  • Topics list now displayed in two columns (forum name / topic title) for better view.
  • Fixed more encoding problems. Now you can specify custom needed charset for non-english forums to post non-english messages.
  • Added new icons. If you not sure what an icon means you can just mouse over for 1 second and a tooltip will pop-up.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Added new 8 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum type "Discuz".
  • Improved posting for phpBB 3.x, vBulletin, myBB, SMF. Much better for non-english forums now.
  • Fixed some encoding problems.
  • Preview error / success response messages easier in status mode:.
    1. Double click on forum name to open quick preview of status message.
    2. Double click on response message to open an error / success file (or show your post) in a browser.
  • Now status messages turns green on success and red on failure.
  • Add "clear status table" button next to "switch to normal mode" button.
  • New keyboard shortcut: Press "delete" key to delete selected forum(s) / topic(s).
  • Fixed a lot of small things.


  • Added new 20 built-in forums.
  • Added new forum type "myBB".
  • Added "visit" forum button near to "register".
  • Added new build-in forums category "European" for non english european forums.
  • New feature: use proxy when posting.
  • Improved posting for "SMF 1.x" forums.
  • Divided built-in "Adult" forums into 2 groups "(A-K)" and "(L-Z)".
  • Fixed some other small things.

Start point features


  • Post to hundreds of your topics at the same time.
  • Add unlimited number of topics.
  • Group your topics for easier organizing.
  • Add unlimited number of forums.
  • Built-in 32 popular forums which are ready to use.
  • Major forum types supported.
  • Preview your formatted message before sending.
  • Incredibly fast. Post submitted within seconds.
  • Easy to select wanted topics.
  • See a progression of each post.
  • Fully documented and how to use explained in details.
  • Easy access to your topics by double clicking.
  • Request custom forums.
  • Check for dead forums.
  • Save message and post it as it was later.
  • User friendly and easy to use.