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"(...) after using this poster yesterday I really think that this poster OWNS any poster out there its so fast, posting on 60+ forums and done with seconds only."
By blazer345 on wjunction.com
"v2.00 is insanely fast. Themaposter has always been one of my favorite multiposters. Awesome work done! Cheers!"
By Machar on wjunction.com
"Just want to say I have just bought Themaposter and i am very happy with the product and the price. (...) . I have been using this for just over 24 hours and setting thing up adding forums etc and not one problem with it."
By neilbla on themaPoster forum
"I don't know what to say about your poster feedback but one thing is very clear that your poster deserve a 10* out of 5*. I made over 500+ Posts and didn't face any problem or a bug."
By duke7891 on wjunction.com
"after a few hours with the program I have to admit that the program is phenomenal"
By RobertoWarez on wjunction.com
"I've bought this 2 days ago, i think its the best poster ;)"
By naviown1 on youtube.com
"I got it! Perfect app!"
By ace-uploader on wjunction.com

Google translator: "It is SPECTACULAR"
By facuu555 on elforro.com
"Very useful software highly recommended"
By 18folder on digitalpoint.com
"Used it and it's working great so far."
By adultguru on wjunction.com
"Sip muy bueno el programilla y facil de usar yo nunca habia probado ningun posteador automatico y le entende muy rapido!"

Google translator: "Yep very good and easy to use programilla I had never tried any posters automatic and you understand very quickly!"
By Ass_Man on elforro.com
"Amo este poster. Tiene todo lo que andaba buscando y además es económico y muy rápido. Thanks!"

Google translator: "I love this poster. It has everything I was looking for and is inexpensive and very fast. Thanks!"
By martex on elforro.com
"Perfect working. The best program used to post automatically."
By atuvak1 on elforro.com (pm)
"Hi, what can I say themaposter is amazing..."
By david on gmail.com
"Very cool tiny program, but has many features don't even requires installation Posting is very good and fast, price is lowest as you can get on net i think Biggest advantage of this program is that you can post in your existing threads, You can't do with those other multiposters on net, yes i have seen one but price was ~100$ So it's your choice + you will get build in high traffic forums list."
Note: comment on v.1.02, already improved a lot since then.
By Creatinas on digitalpoint.com
"great program, I use it to write in all my subjects in all forums one click, ..."
By genowefa on digitalpoint.com
"Nice little program written in Java. Advantages like reply to existing posts/mega threads, 102 forums already built in + can add more, lifetime updates free etc.. But some of the advance features of other submitters lacking here. But not essential and soon i think they will come to this program too. Really good value for money. ..."
Note: comment on v.1.04, already improved a lot since then.
By sameera on digitalpoint.com
"realy thank you for your explain and thanks and i wish for you avery good luck and have anice day and thanks again"
By sydshlby on extremesurfs.com
"Thanks for developing this program. It is indeed useful."
By FXXXB on digitalpoint.com (pm)
"... Thank for good support . :)"
By boyizsleep on digitalpoint.com (pm)
"Hey dude, nice software ..."
By olema on linkbucks.com (pm)

and many more...